Sunday, October 3, 2010

Battery Backup Sump Pump and How It Works

With the recent storm activity flooding out the East Coast, the forums are popping with questions about backup sump pumps and how they work.  I thought I'd share these two videos that do a great job of explaining the "HOW" behind a battery backup sump pump system.

This is a short video with a brief description.

If you're looking for more indepth information, this is the video for you.  There is also a demonstration of an installation.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Sump Pump Song

Well - people write songs about everything these days, but I couldnt believe my ears when I heard this one!  If you dig your backup sump pump as much as me, you'll find this comical.  Enjoy :)

Original Song Title:  "My Humps"
Original Performer:  Black Eyed Peas

      Parody Song Title:  "My Sump (The Sump Pump Song)"
Parody Written by:  Charlene Lipkus

I found this at:

You'll have to hum this out yourself.  I wasnt about to make my own recording of it for you.

The Lyrics
Whatcha gonna do with all that water
All that water on the basement floor?

I'ma get get get get it drained
Get it drained with my sump pump
My sump my sump my sump my sump
My sump my sump my sump my submersible pump
Check it out

I always start complain'
Every time it's rainin'
I go down to my basement
And I want a replacment
Everything is floodin'
It's really got me buggin'
Water floodin' everywhere
Seepin' up from everywhere
I gotta call my plumber
I gotta find his number
Get him here
Right this instant
I say, "Yo!
Come to my house
And please help me out!
I ain't frontin'
It's really floodin'
Now come an' help me with

My sump my sump my sump my sump
I need a new sump pump
Cause my basement is a dump

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

YIKES! Could my backup sump pump freeze?

Well - winter isnt here quite yet...but your ground isnt frozen yet either.  Your>backup sump pump and primary pump have a discharge hose that directs water outside.  Sometimes these are the same hose, sometimes they are independent of each other.   It's important to keep your discharge line from freezing so water can continue to be pumped out and so your pump motor doesnt overheat.
  • Use freeze proof hose
  • Bury as much of the hose in the ground
  • Insulate your hose
  • Install heat tape in your hose
  • Use a bigger diameter hose so there's more room for water if a layer of ice does form
Take care of this maintenance this fall while your yard is still soft enough to work with.  Here's to keeping your basement dry!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Backup Sump Pumps vs Generators

Do you need to backup your sump pump system?  Are you trying to weigh the pros and cons between a generator and a backup sump pump?  Jump over to this article to help you understand why a generator is not a reliable solution to back up your sump pump.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Basement Sump Pump Inspections

Stories of city officials going door to door for sump pump inspections are increasing.  It doesnt matter if it's your backup sump pump or your primary sump pump, or both.  They must drain properly.  This Chicago neighborhood can expect a knock on their door and possibly a costly repair.  Install your system right the first time.  Do not connect into city sewer systems.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

City Officials to Inspect Sump Pumps

Whether you're installing a primary sump pump or a backup sump pump, you better make sure you're following your municipality's rules.  Cities like this one in South Dakota are cracking down on proper pump installations and usage.  Sioux Falls residents will be visited by city officials from 8am to 8pm over the next two months. 

Do-It-Yourselfer Beware of the Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

You're getting ready to install or replace your backup sump pump.  What's your style?  Hire a professional or save a few hundred dollars to do it youself?  If you're getting ready to tackle a water powered sump pump installation take a look at these facts before you start the project.  Messing this installation up could end up costing you more than you think.